Doner Turrin Inc.

· Artwork Sourcing
· Concept Development
· Floor Plan Layout
· Murals and Commissions

· Existing Artwork Assessment
· Move Management
· Sculpture - Indoors and Out
· Accessorizing 

· Custom Framing & Reframing
· Budget Allocation
· Brand Support 
· Professional Installation


With my characteristic combination of sophisticated taste and genuine fun, I will help you select or create the perfect art pieces for your unique space.

My calling is to employ art to make spaces beautiful, and to make people feel good.  

My duty is to provide honest advice and imaginative ideas.

Every project is a demonstration of my passion and precision, my integrity and enthusiasm. 


I serve the Interior Design trade as matchmaker between artist and client. 

Corporate offices, condominium developments, and healthcare facilities are my top three specialties.  

Designers and business leaders have been entrusting their living and working spaces - and their budgets - to me, for over 17 years.

Art is subjective - so my clients appreciate my objective position in the art market.

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Working on a project?  I'd love to collaborate.

Always exploring and experimenting... can't wait to see what's next...

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"As long as you appreciate art, 
you shouldn't worry 
about whether it will appreciate."

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